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The transferable hardware behind Aurora Driver-powered cars and trucks

Aurora Connect | Aurora Driver | Aurora Horizon | March 15, 2022 | 3 min. read

By the Aurora Team


Hardware design plays a critical role in our path to market. With our world-class product team and platform (OEM) partners, we’ve developed a hardware kit that’s transferable between vehicles. Our hardware enables the Aurora Driver to power both trucks and cars, which we expect to unlock the successive launches of Aurora Horizon and Aurora Connect.

Here’s a closer look at how we invested in common components, a modular design, and rigorous testing of real-world conditions to allow us to seamlessly integrate one hardware kit into an array of vehicles.

Building a common core of hardware

As we’ve said before, we’ve developed the Aurora Driver with a common core of technology to work across multiple vehicle types. A "common core" means that every learning, development, improvement, and cost reduction benefits all Aurora Driver-powered vehicles. For the same reason, we’ve developed a common core of hardware. We use the same computer and sensors—powerful high-resolution cameras, long-range proprietary FirstLight lidar, and imaging radar that sees through inclement weather—to power our cars and trucks. 

Autonomous trucks and cars will drive on the same roads, see the same things, and obey the same traffic laws. Hardware that is optimized for these common requirements and made transferable across vehicles enables the rapid development of self-driving technology at scale. 

the Aurora Team

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