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From technology to product: Introducing Aurora Horizon and Aurora Connect

Aurora Connect | Aurora Driver | Aurora Horizon | October 13, 2021 | 2 min. read

By the Aurora Team

Meet our subscription services that will transform the movement of goods and people with the Aurora Driver by providing carriers, fleets, and networks a suite of operational tools.

While self-driving technology is intricate and complex, the products and services it will enable need not be. As we prepare to launch our first commercial products, we’ve designed simple, application-specific product suites to integrate seamlessly within our customers’ businesses and empower their operations. Introducing our product suite is an important step to enabling carriers, private fleets, and ride-hailing networks to operate Aurora-powered trucks and cars.

Meet Aurora Horizon: Built to move goods 24/7

Aurora Horizon will provide carriers and private fleets with a reliable and scalable driver supply powered by the Aurora Driver and a powerful suite of tools designed to integrate these vehicles with existing operations and maximize their uptime. To ensure carriers have confidence in the safety and reliability of Aurora Horizon at launch, we’re working with our OEM partners and carrier customers to refine our product through a series of commercial pilots as part of our Aurora Driver Development Program.

Meet Aurora Connect: Built to go where people need to go

Aurora Connect will enable vehicles equipped with the Aurora Driver to integrate with ride-hailing networks and transport people safely and comfortably where they need to go. Whether people need to get from the airport to a hotel, from their hotel to a business district, or from their home to an event, Aurora Connect is being designed to give riders a safe, prompt, and personalized experience, and to provide ride-hailing networks with a predictable and reliable supply of Aurora-powered vehicles that can respond to fluctuating demand.

Meet the Aurora Driver, Aurora Beacon, and Aurora Shield: The core elements of our subscription services

With a subscription to Aurora Horizon or Aurora Connect, customers will have access to:

  • Aurora Driver—the hardware, software, and data services needed to safely operate an Aurora-powered car or truck without a safety driver.

  • Aurora Beacon—our mission control system that will integrate with a carrier or network’s system and app to communicate dispatching and routing, monitor vehicle health, and handle incident response.

  • Aurora Shield—our roadside assistance program and extended support designed to streamline service and maintenance and maximize the uptime of vehicles equipped with the Aurora Driver.

We’re building our products to help our partners and customers grow and build their businesses. It’s an exciting time, and with our world-class engineering team and the close collaboration of our industry-leading partners, we’ll continue to mature the Aurora Driver alongside our product suite. We look forward to sharing more soon.

the Aurora Team

Delivering the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly.