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At Aurora, Safety Is More Than a Mission. It’s Personal.

Aurora Driver | Safety | June 28, 2024 | 2 min. read

By the Aurora Team


At Aurora, we’ve made safety the centerpiece of how we develop our self-driving technology. From safety engineering to Safety Concern Reporting to our Safety Case Framework, we’ve been purposeful and diligent about instilling safety into every part of our organization, our product, and our operations. Making safety the cornerstone of our company culture is part of our commitment to ending the unacceptable status quo of traffic fatalities and injuries on American roads.

Building safe self-driving vehicles isn’t just about the technology itself, it’s about the people who build it.

We recently shined a spotlight on individuals within Aurora to show how this safety culture comes to life. Learn more in the videos below about how every Auroran contributes to the safety of our self-driving product. After all, for us, safety is more than our mission. It’s personal.

We’re All on the Safety Team: How Aurorans Prioritize Safety

We sat down with long-time Aurorans to hear not only how they prioritize safety, but why our work is important to them:


Mufaddal Ezzy, a leader on Aurora’s Government Relations team, felt a calling to make transportation safer after a harrowing collision.


Tom Randle spent decades on the road as a truck driver and now he’s helping develop safety-focused autonomous trucks at Aurora.


Working at Aurora has brought Chris Mullen’s career full circle – from protecting riders via vehicle engineering to preventing collisions via self-driving technology.

Safety Snapshots: Team Members Share What Safety Means to Them

Safety is a responsibility for everyone at Aurora, so we asked team members rapid-fire questions about how safety is part of their daily responsibilities:




Members of Aurora’s Safety and Operations teams share their perspectives on the future of safe self-driving technology.

To hear more from our Operations Team, listen in on interviews with a Senior Operations Specialist, Terminal Operator, and Dispatcher.

Inside Aurora: Ongoing Safety Learnings

We’re committed to continuously improving how we handle safety at Aurora – not just in our technology, but in how our team carries out programs, projects, and processes.

Aurorans frequently participate in trainings to reinforce a strong safety culture and participate in routine surveys on various aspects of safety. Our data indicates that not only do team members consider safety a top focus area for Aurora, they have a very high retention rate of safety best practices. We’re committed to continuously improving and maintaining high levels of employee engagement and retention of safety materials.

We’ve also brought in safety experts to share their perspectives with our organization. This recently included Commander John Hiltz of the Blue Angels, who discussed balancing technical, administrative, and organizational safety.

Additionally, we hosted Karen Rasmussen, a member of Aurora’s Safety Advisory Board and trucking safety expert, for a fireside chat that was livestreamed to the entire Aurora team. In the discussion, Karen shared how her and her colleagues are helping hold Aurora to a gold standard for safety.

We’ll continue to focus on safety as we advance toward driverless operations. For more about safety at Aurora, visit www.aurora.tech/safety.

the Aurora Team

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